Why Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning is Important

The purpose of chimney cleaning is to remove the blockage, soot, creosote etc from the firebox, chimney liner, smoke chamber etc. The usual by-product of a wood fireplace is creosote which is formed by carbon compounds and resins.

clean a fireplace

It is highly inflammable and it starts burning at about 2000 °F. So, it is mandatory to get the chimney inspected by professionals once in a year to keep it safe and clean and to avoid disastrous fire.

The rate of creosote accumulation is greater when poor quality wood like pine is used. Chimney cleaning has to be done prior to the inspection of the same by competent officers.

People who use their fireplace on a regular basis should make it a habit to get the fireplace inspected once in a year. Prior to this inspection, the cleaning of the venting system and the stoves has to be completed.

Do not neglect or keep away chimney inspection or cleaning, as an undiscovered defect can lead to an expensive repair or a chimney fire.

Even if you are a minimal user of fireplace, the annual cleaning/inspection should not be overlooked.  It can lead to the detection of issues for which preventive action will have to be taken.

If you have entrusted the yearly cleaning matter to some companies, they will remind you at the appropriate time and advice you what actions have to be taken to avoid problems or dangerous situations.

Why You Need an Inspection

chimney inspection

If your chimney has not been cleaned for a long period or if you have purchased a used house, then you should schedule a chimney clean at the earliest. If you wait further, it may lead to additional repairs and even lead to property damage.

It is estimated that the total loss occurring in America due to improper cleaning/ maintenance of chimneys is estimated to be 200 million dollars. If you have changed your heating system or added an insert, then it is time to think about chimney cleaning.

This inspection will ascertain that your heating system, the lining and the venting system are adequate for the changed conditions.

If your fireplace is left unused for long time, it is natural that pests will build nests resulting in the clogging of the chimney chamber and connected areas.

Wear and tear left unchecked can lead to deterioration affecting the performance of your system. Keeping your system perfect and useful is the most cost effective thing you can do.

Preferred Frequency of Cleaning

The frequency of fireplace repair is related to the nature of use.  As per the advice of the association of the national fire protection, inspecting the chimney by a certified professional once in a year is recommended for keeping the fireplace free form dangerous deposits and for correct clearances.

If the chimney is not regularly used then also the birds, raccoons etc might have made it unsafe for use without cleaning the debris accumulated.

Another report from the Chimney Safety Institute vouches that when the soot built up has reached a thickness of 1/8 “, it is a clear indication of the need for the cleaning of the chimney and the flue system.